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Jo’s episode of The Secrets titled “The Lie” to be broadcast on September 9, 2014 on BBC One!!! (x)

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This is Phyllis being welcomed at the DragonCon DA fan panel.  She was a surprise guest but they let us know at the beginning of the panel, probably so we wouldn’t completely squee out and frighten her as she is apparently very shy.  Everyone stood up as she entered and straightened their clothes, as if someone from upstairs was visiting the servants’ hall.  We didn’t know if she’d just say “hi” and leave or stay and take questions, but she graciously stayed the rest of the panel.  She wasn’t an official guest at the convention but was there with her husband, Kevin McNally, who was a guest. Sorry about the video quality; didn’t have my go pro with me and had to make due with my ipod.

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"Our grandchild is about to be stolen from us forever!" - Robert Crawley, Lord Grantham, ITV Downton Abbey Trailer for Series 5

I know, I’m 9 days late and about 9 shekels short for the recent discussions of ITV’s Official Downton Abbey Trailer for Series 5.  Anyone, please feel free to point me directly to any posts regarding my question….BUT….

Does anyone else believe that Robert is talking about Marigold here and that it is HE who insists that she be brought into the family and officially recognized??  

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After all that was said in the promo interviews, the whole family + servants sitting in the hall and Violet standing up in shock… might be the radio proclaiming the election results… ?

I think Violet is standing up because they’re playing the National anthem.

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"And [Shirley] and Maggie…got on like a house on fire.” - Hugh Bonneville

"If there’s a reunion in 20 years, the three of us would all be there, still getting on like a house on fire.” - Jessica Brown Findlay

"The whole cast gets on like a house on fire.” - Joanne Froggatt

"I met [Shirley] again […] in LA and we got on like a house on fire.” - Brendan Coyle

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